A Supporting Organization for First Responders


More first responders are dying by their own hands than at the hands of the violence they are saving us from.

“First responders answer your call for help. Help us care for them when they need help.”

Most of us would respond if we heard a literal cry for help

But what about the cries we don’t hear? The cries from the first responders that become trapped in the memories and nightmares of horrific sights and sounds they experience every day–their pain is real, but their voices go unheard every single day. It is something we just don’t talk about; we ignore it until it’s too late.

Help us answer those cries for help. We were built to facilitate pathways for first responders to find healing and coping mechanisms to survive standing that line, taking that call. Help us help them.

We Facilitate:

  • Resources for debriefing from critical incidents
  • Resources for clinical help
  • Pathways to peer team training
  • Immediate financial assistance to families in crisis situations

Who We Are:

Facilitation Team

Laura, Julie, Ken, Vanessa, and Ben

Annual Blue Tie Gala

Thank you for attending this years Gala and supporting the mental health support initiatives of the The Bench Foundation! Photos of the event will be coming soon.