Help Is Here

Trooper Danny Long is committed to helping others suffering in silence. After his darkest day, he created a safe place for Oklahoma Law Enforcement to reach out when they are struggling with mental health, the Oklahoma First Responder Wellness Division.

Trooper Long served with the OHP for over 20 years. After countless calls responding to tragedy over the years, he found himself in a dark place.

“I grabbed a duty rifle out of my patrol car and I walked to the backside of my place, and I stuck it in my mouth. I was bottomed out, there was no further down that I could go,” said Long. 

The goal of the Oklahoma First Responder Wellness Division is to remove the stigma of mental health and to give options to Law Enforcement Officers who are struggling. “Give them some options, kind of like a roadmap, for help when they do reach out to us,” says Long, “Having every first responder know it is okay not to be okay. Now we have a solution for it, we have a safe space for you to reach out to.”

First responders are able to receive information on counseling and peer activities to help each other heal from their trauma. 

oklahoma first responder wellness division

Where to Start

Whether you are interested in inpatient care or just having a familiar voice to talk to, we are here for you. We can get you the help you need, no questions asked.